About Us

We Are Passionate About What We Do

We are passionate about our work, dedicated to our customers and accountable to each and every project. We offer premium service delivered by the best in the business while still maintaining competitive pricing.

Serving Clients of All Shapes and Sizes

We service a wide range of clients across industrial, commercial and mining sectors, including national rail companies, food processing leaders, large scale manufacturers and more across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Western Canada.

Ensuring Government Regulations are Met

For many of our clients, choosing the right contractor boils down to government regulations and the costs of outsourcing vs. employing an in-house team. From welding to hydraulics and more, our expert team will ensure that all codes and regulations are met, while keeping your costs low.

We Solve Problems that Others Can’t

Many contractors take a “best guess” approach to problem solving; limited resources and tools lead to hopeful solutions that may or may not actually work. Through substantial investments in research, education, tools and testing equipment, we can solve complex problems that others can’t.

Our Expert Team Makes It Happen

We employ red seal millwrights, mechanical engineers and the top hydraulics experts in the business to ensure your needs are met. We know our trades inside and out and when we make a recommendation we aren’t guessing – we are educated, dedicated and have the tools needed to help your business excel.

Call EDA Mechanical Services for overseeing your project installations from start to finish.