Winnipeg’s Full-Service Hydraulics Experts

When it comes to hydraulics, what truly sets us apart is that we can do it all. Hydraulics is about much more than changing valves – to avoid excessive costs and downtime you need pros who can thoroughly assess and diagnose problems. We have the testing equipment, knowledge and expertise you need to avoid “best guess” scenarios.

Mobile Hydraulics Testing Across Manitoba

We are the only hydraulics service provider in Manitoba and Saskatchewan with mobile testing equipment on-the-go. This allows us to diagnose issues on the fly, delivering efficient and effective service when and where you need it.

Our Hydraulics Services Include:

• Sales
• Electronic controls and proportional controls
• Design and upgrades
• Diagnostics and audits
• Pump and cylinder replacement or rebuilding
• Custom made power units
• Filter technology and filtration audits
• Process filtration technology
• Fluid analysis
• Custom made hoses
• Computerized system simulation
• Cylinder rebuilding
• Brush plating
• Cylinder chroming